Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Credit Roll


World famous Rose Bowl Flea Market.

(In random order)


Jay Leno Show

That’s Incredible

The Sunday Show

Jimmy Kimmel Show

The Tonight Show

Blind Date

2 on the Town

The Travel Channel

Animal Planet


Design on a Dime


Antique Road Show

Extreme Makeover Home Addition

White Oleander

ABC News

NBC News


CBS News

CNN News

Shopping Network


Ellen DeGeneres

German TV

Travel in Japan

Documentaries on: Vintage clothing, antiques, collecting, and making money

Game Show Network


Entertainment Channel
The National Geographic Channel

Eye on LA

ABC The Great Big American Auction

American Restoration


American Pickers

Media and Press Information

Media Service

All types of media are welcome at any of our events. News, movie,
documentaries, variety shows and reality shows. We will give you
every possible assistance you may need to accomplish your program
or story goals.

Contact Information:
Rose Bowl Flea Market held the 2nd Sunday of each Month.
Contact: M.L. Redd (323)560-7469 x 500 Email:

Ventura Flea Market check dates.
Contact: M.L. Redd (323)560-7469 x 500  

San Bernardino Outdoor Market held every Sunday.
Contact: M.L. Redd (323)560-7469 x 500

Beaumont Outdoor Market held every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Contact: M.L. Redd (323)560-7469 x 500

The only costs that maybe incurred are any additional staff or supervisors
you may need to have assigned to you. If you do not need any of our staff
members there is usually no cost. Our company always wants additional
exposure so we are willing to do everything possible. We do like to receive
a copy of any productions and permission if possible to post links or material
on our web site.

Featured Press Releases are available upon request. Send request to

Rose Bowl Flea Market & Ventura Flea Market -

San Bernardino Market -

Beaumont Market -

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